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The Kenyan Americans Community Organization (KACO) began in summer 2007 when a group of Diaspora Kenyans got together and brainstormed and brought to reality the idea of forming an organization that would be able to address issues related with: community welfare; improvement of their collective economic conditions; and charitable commitment to improve the quality of lives of communities in Kenya. The composition of the participants included, professionals, business people, students, church pastors, and retirees. The main catalyst for KACO actualization was the general consensus among the participants that we as Diaspora Kenyans could collectively do more to assist the poor communities in Kenya and alleviate their poverty condition.

In order to carry out the charitable activities at a larger scale, we committed ourselves to pursue 501(c) 3 tax exempt registration to facilitate seeking donations from the general public which potentially affords us the financial ability to assist more communities in areas of education, clean water, and Healthcare. Our selection criteria for the three projects was essentially due to the belief that they presented themselves as being practical, achievable, and sustainable. With most of us having been natives of Kenya, it was easy to comprehend what needed to be done, and with a small capital investment the desired results could readily be visible. The living hardships we acknowledge are disproportionately borne by the female population. As such we’re fully cognizant of the time spent, and the distance covered to fetch water, attend to sick kids, and perform manual jobs principally due to lack of good education. The time could otherwise have been utilized in meaningful life enriching pursuits. It is in view of these realities that we commit ourselves to seek and leverage the power of partnerships between KACO, the donor community, and the local Kenyan communities to ensure sustainable quality of life improvement.

We believe in the power of partnership and we seek to leverage the inherent synergy created by the joint effort to advance our cause.

In October 2007 the Kenyan Americans Community Organization was incorporated in the State of Georgia, and in April 2008, we were granted tax exempt status from Federal income tax under section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Thus making contributions to KACO fully tax deductible. Our initial projects are to fund twenty student scholarships for orphans and/or needy students who are academically gifted to attend High schools in Kenya, and to develop two clean water projects. We are now engaged to make both projects a reality, and largely make these efforts as annual and sustainable projects.

We believe success builds on success and we envision the number of projects to gradually increase, thus impacting more recipients.

If you’re an individual, organization, corporation, university, government, or a group of people who share the same commitment as we do of helping the needy in Kenya, please come and join us in this noble philanthropic effort. Together we can Make A Difference.

KACO is 100% volunteer organization, there is no paid staff. All our contributions and the donated funds are fully tax deductible and go directly to support our projects.

This Video highlights the August 2009 KACOINC members  humanitarian Effort in Kenya that served over 10,000 people in the Larger Eastern Province. 


Goals and Objectives

To positively impact poverty reduction in these local communities, kacoinc targets:

1) Construct 100 dams with irrigation canals to improve food production capacity, and provide water for livestock.

2) Dig 100 wells/boreholes to provide clean drinking water to the local communities, mitigates water borne diseases.

3)  Instal plastic water tanks to harvest rain water to provide clean drinking water to 100 primary schools in the local communities, mitigates water borne diseases.

4) Support 10 revenue generating enterprises that are sustainable, initiatives of the local community women.

5) Anually award 100 scholarships to orphan/needy students to attend high school, 50% to girls.

6) Anually award 10 scholarships to orphan/needy students to attend college in the US, 50% to girls.


We invite you ALL to lend support and raise funds and awareness to this noble philanthropic effort. We’re  good people with a mission to do great things.

Please join us, together we can make a difference!!