Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.What are the membership qualifications?

A. Any Kenyan, spouse of Kenyan, and friends of Kenyans meet membership qualification. Long term commitment to assist orphans and needy Kenyans is essential.

Q. What’s the membership fee?A. Annual fee is $100. This covers KACO registration fee, website hosting, venue rentals, and refreshments for meetings among others.

Q. Where will funding for the scholarships, and water projects come from? A. The funding of our projects comes from our members who individually contribute at least $1 a day ($365), plus donor contributions of any amount.

Q. If I cannot afford the $1 a day, can I still become a member or volunteer? A. Yes, of course. We welcome your participation in any capacity, and when your financial situation improves we look forward to your contribution of any amount.

Q. How much Am I expected to contribute?A. There is no contribution limits, any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Q. Can I still donate to your Organization without being a member?A. Yes, indeed. You need not be a member to participate in this noble cause. We accept and appreciate any amount of support regardless of your membership status.

Q. How much do the scholarships cost?A. High school scholarship is $150. And the College Scholarship is projected to be up to $500 depending on the support extended to us by our College partners: tuition, room and board, work study, etc.

Q. Who selects the High school and/or College scholars?A. Members identify the schools, and then scholars from those schools submit application forms to the executive board. KCSE/KCPE examination test results determine the winners.

Q. How are the water projects selected?A. Members submit lists of potential water projects to the KACO development committee who then review and ascertain the local community’s needs and commitments, and if satisfied submits the list to the executive board for final selection and funding.

Q. Who manages the water projects?A. The executive board in collaboration with the particular local community during the development phase. Once completed, management is transferred to the local community.

Q. What are some of your future project goals?A. Annually fund 100 High School scholarships, 10 college scholarships, and undertake 5 water projects. We also envision building a nonprofit Technology High school, as well as having a care taker office in Nairobi to facilitate our interface to the local communities.

Q. Who has access to my information?A. The chairperson and the secretary keep your contact information to facilitate communication. If you donate more than $100, we will identify you to the general membership consistent with our operation transparency commitment, unless you advise us not to do so.

Q. How do I get added to your mailing list?A. Enter your name and email address in the contact us page and then hit the submit button. Your name will then be added to the general email distribution list.

Q. Are the executive board members paid?A. No. KACO is 100% volunteer organization, there is no paid staff. All our contributions and the donated funds go directly to support our projects.