Engineer Charles Mutunga MSEE, Chairman

Engineer Charles Mutunga is the chairman of Kacoinc Board of directors. He has extensive leadership and management experience spanning over 20 years. He is currently the lead engineer at GE energy, and a PhD student. He holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Mexico and has worked and traveled extensively in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.


Dr. Robert Ndonga PHD, Vice Chairman

Dr. Robert Ndonga is the Vice-chairman of Kacoinc board of directors. He holds a P.H.D in  Anthropology, Church history and World Religions. He is the lead pastor and founder of The Fountain of Life Church in Roswell GA. He has taught intercultural studies in several colleges, seminaries and Universities in the United States. He has also traveled extensively across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa leading short term missions Overseas.


Christine Ndeti  MS, Secretary

Christine Ndeti is the secretary of Kacoinc. She holds a Master of Science degree from Georgia State University. She brings to Kacoinc her treasured knowledge, professionalism and expertise Spanning about 20 years in the health care industry.



Francis Kioko CPA, Treasurer

Francis Kioko is the treasurer of Kacoinc. He is the Founder and C.E.O of Frank Tax and Financial Services Inc.  An accountant by profession, he brings a wealth of experience in providing quality, personalized financial guidance to individuals and businesses throughout the USA. He is widely sought after to provide his expertise and experience to diverse clients, ranging from start-ups to well established companies. Francis’ passion is in finance and philanthropy. He is the visionary behind the Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco Society Ltd. When not crunching numbers, Francis enjoys spending time with his family and always has a smile on his face.

Raphael Kilondu DIP Eng, BBA, Member

Raphael Kilondu is a successful businessman based in Atlanta GA. He is  a founder and a board member of several professional and network organizations based in Atlanta. With a background in Automotive Engineering and Business Management, he brings with him a wealth of experience to Kacoinc and he is very passionate about philanthropic work, and devoting his time and resources by giving back to the community in Kenya  through his generous contributions to Kacoinc.


Joseph Nzioki MA, Executive Director

Joseph Nzioki is a founding member of KACOINC. He sits on  board as an adviser and assistant to the board’s Chairman. He is a passionate educator, leadership strategist, coach and philanthropist. He is currently a PHD student at Regent University School of Business & Leadership. He earned two Master of Arts Degrees in Leadership studies,  Ethics & Religious Studies and  a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Magna Cum-Laude) all from Beulah Heights University. In 2009 he was recognized as a top achiever and America’s student Brightest Minds and awarded a lifetime membership to The National Scholars Honor Society. He has won many academic honors and other distinguished awards of Excellence. His Vision in Life is to help and empower others realize their potential and live their dreams.


David M. Ndeti BS, Assistant Treasurer

David Ndeti is a businessman based in Atlanta GA. He is passionate about giving back to the community in his native Kenya. He brings to Kacoinc the much needed
wisdom, experience and expertise.



Bernice Langat BS, Board Member

Mrs. Bernice Langat is a member of Kacoinc board of directors. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Kennesaw State University. She is passionate about giving back to her homeland. She is a nurse by profession and brings to Kacoinc a lot of technical knowledge in its School and hospital supplies  operations and projects.



Boniface Nguku Board Member

KACOINC Kenya Local/Field Representatives

1. Winnie Nzioka     2. Nadia Muthama  3. Esther Muthama  4. Hellen Ndeti

5. Titus Nthiwa     6. Peter Ndolonga  7. Mary Mutua     8.Fred Muteti

       Below  Our Chairman Eng. Charles Mutunga meeting with some of our Kacoinc  Local  field representatives in Kenya in 2010