About Us

Kenyan Americans Community Organization, Inc (KACO) is a 501(c) 3 Charitable Organization with membership consisting of Kenyans, Americans, and their friends, and with its first chapter located in Atlanta. We commit to improve the quality of lives of our fellow Kenyan people by supporting clean water projects, advancing education opportunities, and providing Healthcare supplies.  To ensure success, the projects that we have selected must meet the criteria of relevancy, achievability, and sustainability. We are not about giving free financial handouts to the local communities, but rather we seek to be their working partners to assist them in creating better living conditions for themselves to ultimately achieve self-sufficiency.

These partnerships are based on the belief that each partner is an equal contributor to the process and that Kenyans have the capacity to shoulder the leadership for their own development and well-being. We intend to shine a light of hope in the lives of every suffering Kenyan by supporting sustainable drinking water, advancing educational opportunities, healthcare, and promoting effective and innovative community-based solutions that create self-reliance and economic justice.

Our initial focus will be the eastern region of Kenya, which stretches from Nairobi to the coast city of Mombasa, bordering on some of the most beautiful National parks of Kenya. The landscape is astonishingly beautiful with both mountainous and grassland areas dotted with small rural local communities. The area is typically semi-arid and poverty is endemic, and people generally survive through subsistence farming. When rainfall is not plentiful, there is serious shortage of drinking water, to both humans and animals. This adversely impacts food production and by extension, inhibits people’s ability to send their kids to school. Our educational scholarship program lends itself well to offer assistance and make a difference in helping orphans and needy students continue their education. As natives of Kenya, we are also keenly aware of the existing gender inequality in extending educational opportunities to both sexes. To this end, the Organization commits to award fifty percent of the scholarships to academically gifted girls. Our belief is that the girls who will eventually be mothers, once educated, will play a comparatively more significant role in improving the quality of life for the whole family.

We believe sustainable development and the prerequisite rural economic growth are inextricably linked. Building sustainable communities is about improvements to the places where people live and work, and giving them the chance to play their part in shaping change for a sustainable future. The synergy created between KACO, and the donor community partnerships is central to our philosophy. Being people focused, we strongly support partnerships with local and international institutions, organizations, universities and governments. This partnership is essential for strategic sustainable development and provides a platform for donors interested in Kenya’s sustainability.

The best part for all is knowing that we have tangibly given back to the communities in reciprocity to what we have received and that our time, money, and work are improving the living conditions of our people. In order to realize these goals and improve delivery efficiency the executive board members commit to orchestrate visits to the project sites in Kenya to supervise every project undertaken and ensure that our supplies and funds for projects are used exactly as intended. Additionally we request that any donor who happens to make a trip to Kenya visit some of these project sites and see the fruits of their labor first hand.

We are a charitable organization which has full accountability and oversight. More importantly, we are a 100% volunteer Organization and have no paid staff or organizational overhead. Thus the funds that we contribute, along with the charitable contributions given by our donors, are directly applied to the designated project.

Our Mission is to assist the Kenyan local communities to improve the quality of their lives by supporting clean water projects, advancing education opportunities, and providing Healthcare supplies.

Our Vision is to impact poverty reduction in Kenya which is disproportionately borne by women and children.

Please join us in this noble cause, and help us as we wage war on poverty in Kenya, the land of our love and pride. Your gift of any amount will help us deliver safe clean water, education, and healthcare to women, children, and entire communities in Kenya. Together we can Make A Difference!